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Possibly the Dumbest Person of All-Time Was Arrested After Commenting on a Most Wanted Post About Herself

We found her, folks: the dumbest person to ever live.

Lorraine Graves of Tulsa, Oklahoma, did something which would be too stupid to believe if it was on a TV show: she commented on a Facebook post from the Tulsa Police Department listing her as its weekly most wanted suspect. And maybe you're thinking, "Well if she was commenting on Facebook, maybe it wasn't that bad and she'll be in and out of jail in a day and pay a fine."

Nope. ACCESSORY TO MURDER. Just your casual 5-to-45 year sentence in Oklahoma.

And as remarkably incompetent as this makes Graves look, I would contend this isn't exactly a glowing review of the Tulsa PD, either. If they were able to track her down from a Facebook comment, you're telling me they couldn't have done the same thing from just going to her account and seeing where it was last logged in from or something? I admit I do not have a degree in criminal justice, but it stands to reason that if they could track down a most wanted criminal from a comment, they should have been able to do it before that.

But either way, tough break for Lorraine here. If you're on the run for accessory to murder, stay off Facebook, kids.