RIP To The Suns.....Scott Foster Is Reffing Tonight's NBA Finals Game 6

Adam Silver has made it very clear: he wants this series to end tonight. He's dialed up the bullpen and said give me 2003 Mariano Rivera. He wants his closer. This one is over. 

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Chris Paul's teams have won 1 of their last 13 playoff games when Scott Foster is officiating. They are 0-12 in games Chris plays in. And everyone knows it, especially Chris Paul. This stat lives rent free inside Chris Paul's head, and whereas the Suns need CP3 to play substantially better than he has the past 3 games, this just killed all hope of that. Book needs to go for 50 tonight. 

I'm not sure why Adam Silver would allow this to happen, but I'd pay big money to be a fly on the wall wherever CP3 hears this news this morning.

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And speaking of big money, folks the tips don't get much easier than this one….

I expect this line to be Bucks -10 by the time this one tips off.