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I Am DONE With The Billionaire Space Race

I am so sick of this. Why do we care? Why are we impressed? I, for one, am NOT impressed. I am actually annoyed. Bezos is sucking his own dick for riding a dick into space. He was there and back before I could even finish my coffee. Then he is going to tell us how awesome it was and that everyone should do it if they have the chance to pay him millions because he went to like the deep end and that pussy Branson didn't. 

Hey asshole, I ordered a dog bed from your website 3 days ago and it's still not here. George hasn't had a comfortable night sleep since Saturday even though your employees at the distribution center haven't peed all day and you're throwing yourself a parade for something the human race mastered 70 years ago. Bezos has all the money in the world. All the technology in the world. He wants people to tell him how great he is even though John Glenn did this in 1962 with a roman candle and a TI-83 calculator. So, please, shut the fuck up. If you're going to space it better be to mine asteroids or find aliens. Anything short of that and I do not give a fuck. Do terraform on Mars, you pussy. Until then, just send me the shit I want in a day and if you have time left over release season 4 of Miss Maisel or season 2 of Hunters.