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New South Carolina Football Coach Shane Beamer Should Be Fired On The Spot For Trying To Replicate Steve Spurrier's Iconic Picture

Meet Shane Beamer, yep the son of Frank Beamer, and the new head ball coach at South Carolina. He should be fired on the spot. I'm just trying to do everyone a favor here since South Carolina needs help. Seriously, they very well might be in the conversation for the most overhyped program in the sport. Overhyped might not be the right word, but people still think highly of South Carolina and they are the 4th best program in the SEC East right now - behind Kentucky and that's not even a debate. Now remember what people think about Kentucky football (usually wrong) and think about where South Carolina is. Sure, that could just be the Will Muschamp-era, but y'all still have only won more than 7 games once in the last 7 years. 

So here's the thing, Beamer comes in as this young guy ready to help save the program. Good, great. Can't wait to beat you guys again. You can't - I'll stress this - you CAN'T replicate Steve Spurrier who is the GOAT at SEC media days. It's not even close. The picture of Spurrier at Arby's is an iconic image. 

You can't replicate Spurrier. You just can't. 

Consider this a little tip. If you're a brand new head coach at a place desperate to win, don't try to mimic arguably the most successful coach at the school right away. Be your own dude. Put that on a shirt.