The 'Deer District' Is Planning On Being Insane With 65k People Tonight - Reminder, It's Dumb As Hell To Watch A Game Standing Outside Like That

Alright, I gotta address something here. This new trend starting with Jurassic Park in Toronto and now the Deer District in Milwaukee to be exact. It's insane. Yeah, the images are awesome and all that stuff. This is simply not a good way to watch a game. In fact I'd say it's dumb as hell. If you actually want to enjoy the game, you don't stand in the Deer District and that's just a stone cold truth. Maybe it's me being 34 or just being stubborn but if I don't have the option to sit down for hours during a game, I'm not going. I want the option to stand when I need to or sit down. Specifically I want that option with the ability to go to the bathroom and get a drink with being able to return to the same spot easily. You can't do that at the Deer District. Apparently drinks are set up on the perimeter here but it's nearly impossible to get there and back easily. No thank you. I don't need to turn into an escape artist just for a cold beer.

I also don't want to hear about the atmosphere. I've been in bars for title games. You get an atmosphere there too. Yeah, it's not 65,000 people, but guess what? It's all fans living and dying with every single play. Just praying and hoping that it all works out and Scott Foster does Scott Foster things. The list of best places to watch a game or event like this is pretty simple to me: 

4. (Only because there are 4 options) standing outside in a district like this 

3. With a bunch of friends who are fans at a house

2. At a bar in the stadium area/local area

1. Inside the stadium

I also don't want to hear the argument about soccer fans and the scenes we see with like England throwing beer everywhere. Guess what? They are all at picnic tables and have a spot to sit down. Milwaukee is a sneaky fun city, bars are awesome. Just go there and enjoy it man.