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This Pantry Full Of Fast Food Items That Refuse To Rot Is Making Me Gag

Alright I mean I'm the first to admit I'm a fan of fast food. I'm gonna go out on a limb & say that doesn't shock you, tho nonetheless I'm a fan. Few things I admire more than a fountain diet coke from McDonald's, some chicken tendies from KFC, or a Dave's Double from Wendy's. Dave sure fucking knows how to make a burger, by the way! Now I'm obviously aware it's not the freshest of foods- I don't expect my filet-o-fish (during Lent because I love Jesus) to be alaskan pollock that was caught fresh that morning. 

BUT I would prefer if the food would at least rot after being kept in cabinets for fuck's sake. They could at the very least give us that decency. I mean that's just gross! And it's clearly not only the burger places, it's EVERYTHING! That pizza looks like you break a window if you hit one with it. Those donuts literally look like they could've been baked a mere 10 minutes ago at your local donut shop. It's a shocking discovery.

Now will this make folks like me stop eating fast food? Probably NOT, but my god what a scary sight to see. I would absolutely be lying though if I said I wasn't intrigued to see how that food actually feels/tastes. Sorry not sorry.