Keldon Johnson Had No Idea Gregg Popovich Was Telling Him He Was Going To Play In The Olympics Because He Doesn't Have Twitter

That was the tweet that let the world know that Keldon Johnson was going to be on Team USA going to the Olympics. Pretty big deal for a 2nd year player, who was only getting some run because he was on the Select Team out in Vegas. Except, uh one problem. Keldon Johnson doesn't have Twitter so he had no idea that Gregg Popovich was even talking to him about going to the Olympics

via The Athletic

Friday morning, Johnson went into the team room at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, where Team USA is staying, and Popovich asked Johnson, “Did your life change a little?” Johnson’s reply was, “What are you talking about?” because he doesn’t have Twitter. He hadn’t seen the various media reports that he was replacing Beal.

I've been at this blogging game for 5 years now at Barstool and pretty sure this is the first time the story has gone this way. Every other time it's athletes finding out they were traded or released or anything like that on Twitter. They see the Shams or Woj tweet and then find out like the rest of us. But not Keldon Johnson, who I'm pretty sure is the only 21-year old to not have Twitter. Can't even imagine life without that stupid, beautiful app especially if you're a world class athlete but gotta be nice to not see people complaining about you.

Then again, what's there to complain about? Keldon Johnson helped save Team USA last night against Spain. On behalf of Kentucky I'd like to say you're welcome, America. 


Not bad for a late sub. How can you not cheer for a guy like this anyways? 

But now, the cool parts: Johnson said he has several close family members and friends who have served or are serving in the U.S. military. When he told his parents, Rochelle and Chris Johnson, about being an Olympian, “my mom cried, my dad was choking up a little bit, everybody was like, because you know you pray for moments like this … it was a special moment.”

Playing in the Olympics clearly means the world to Keldon. Good. I hope he goes out there and keeps scoring like he did against Spain. That said, I couldn't imagine one of the biggest moments of my life and having no idea what the hell someone is trying to tell me. That's basically what happened to Keldon with Pop.