Friend Accidentally Administers EpiPen Shot To Herself Instead of Her Friend Who Needed Said EpiPen Because She Couldn’t Breathe And Hilarity Ensues

Everybody is watching this TikTok and doin a little goofin. Your friend is sitting there with an allergic reaction of some sort so you spring into action. Dont worry, guys. Im not scared of blood or needles so I can totally do this. Everyone step the fuck back. My friend needs me and Im here to save the day. 

The issue is the epipen itself. Them fuckers are confusing. You never know which end is gonna shoot the medicine via a needle. It could be the fat end. It could be the skinny end. It's not labeled so theres nothing you can really do but risk it. That being said, they are clearly labeled so this shouldn't happen. But, they could be labeled just a touch better? How? Oh I dunno. Ever heard of a claymore? 

All Johnson and Johnson had to do was mark it where it says "this end toward friend with swollen throat who might die if you dont give her the medicine" but that seems really long to print on something the size of a pen, right? I hate tiny font and youd have no choice but to put that on there at like 8 point font. Gross. I dont want my glasses to read an epipen. I guess there's nothing that can actually be done with this situation. Oh well. 

PS: I sure hope they had two but them fuckers are like 100 dollars plus each. Im not sure if its worth another pen. Might just have to laugh this one up as fate, folks.