Trisha Paytas Does A Full Blown War Scene On Family Beach And Its Bizarre

Trisha just does everything these days. I didn't realize she was a singer but when I saw this video on my FYP my jaw dropped. The visual of her doing this ridiculous scene on a family beach is unreal. Imagine taking your whole family to the beach which is also a pain in the ass. You know your brat little kids only carry their buckets and shovels for there sand castles while you have the cooler and umbrella that is obviously going to fall over while you're on the beach. So just imagine you go through all that plop down all of your shit to relax and this is going on next to you. I need to see the final product, you just have a war going on and some fat dad trying to tan. This blog turned into something completely different than the title but I just don't like the beach. I like getting a tan but it's a lot of work. If you didn't drive to the beach you can be stuck there for hours, sand all over you, you have a catch with someone and both of you are too scared to say you want to stop so you just keep having the catch for an hour. You also never leave being like I have a perfect tan because you obviously are going to fuck it up. All in all this video is just funny to see and I hate the beach.