We Don't Talk Enough About the NCAA 06 Game Mode Where Your Girlfriend Got Hotter as You Played Better

Probably my favorite part of coming to work every day is the conversation in the Barstool Sports office. Almost daily, there's a topic that gets brought up that spurs some great, nostalgic conversation. It's a real-life embodiment of the viral, "Guys can just sit around all day and name old athletes," tweet.

But today, Jeff Lowe unlocked a memory I didn't even know I had and it's something we don't talk about nearly enough. If Jeff hadn't mentioned it, I would have never remembered that in NCAA 06, your create-a-player started out with what we'll describe as a girl who probably has a great personality and changed her out for hotter girls as you played better.

I would ask where this game mode went, but it seems fairly obvious that someone at EA Sports received a phone call that put a stop to it pretty quickly. Hell, we're lucky we even got this once. That game would be pulled from the shelves in a heartbeat if this happened today — despite the fact this concept is more realistic than the Madden physics have been in a decade.

With that said, however, I would not be upset about an attempted revival when EA debuts the new version of its college football video game. Bring back the dorm room and let's just see what happens.