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NASA Discovers The First Recorded Alien "Burp" And Has The Proof In A Glass Jar Like A Middle Schooler's Fart

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A group of scientists may have just pinpointed the location on Mars of a mysterious source of methane, a gas most often produced by microbes — and NASA's Curiosity rover could be right on top of it.

Methane blips have pinged on Curiosity's detection systems six times since the rover landed in Mars' Gale crater in 2012, but scientists weren't able to find a source for them. Now, with a new analysis, researchers may have traced the methane burps to their origin.

To calculate the unknown methane source, researchers at the California Institute of Technology modeled the methane gas particles by splitting them into discrete packets. Taking into account the wind speed and direction at the time of their detection, the team traced their parcels of methane back through time to their possible points of emission. By doing this for all of the different detection spikes, they were able to triangulate regions where the methane source is most likely located — with one being just a few dozen miles away from the rover.

I cant be the only one who really feels like NASA is reaching, right? It seems like we are spending so much money on finding things in Mars and we just cant fucking do it. For decades now, we have been focused on finding water or sources of life on Mars and it just isn't happening. I mean, we landed on the moon 60 years ago and Neil and Buzz were just hopping around like some Euro-star NBA stud. Now, we are writing blogs about a possible Alien burp because there was some methane that escaped? How is that all that we know with so much more money and technology. It's just such a waste. We have 8k camera at NBA games and we cant even tell if there's aliens? It's bullshit across the board. The article goes on to say,

Even if the methane is being produced by non-biological processes, it could point to geological activity closely tied to the presence of liquid water — a vital ingredient for past or present life to thrive. 

Curiosity detected the methane blips through an instrument called the Tunable Laser Spectrometer, which is capable of detecting trace quantities of the gas at less than one-half part per billion (ppb), or about the quantity of a pinch of salt dropped into an Olympic-size swimming pool. The methane spikes that led the team to the potential source were registered at roughly 10 ppb.

All this new info just to find out the same shit we've known for years. There might be water but then again there might not be. So, with the advent and usage a billions and billions of dollars operation and a little mars-bound four wheeler, we get the same information. 

Nasa, either find the fucking aliens, find water, or just shut the fuck up forever. It's that simple. 

That being said, it's not that simple which is why we brought a UFO expert on to Zero Blog 30 to talk about what all of this could possibly mean.