Kevin Shattenkirk Raising The Cup In Front Of Madison Square Garden Is A Clean & Warranted Shot

Listen...I'm not gonna sit here and say this wasn't a completely warranted clean shot on Kevin Shattenkirk's part. This is a New York guy that probably took less money to come to the Rangers a few years ago then was pretty much shunned so I can't even sit here and get angry about it. If you're on that commute to bring the Cup back to New Rochelle how could you not take the quick detour to the Garden to snap a quick picture after being able to say you won the cup in back to back years? You kinda can't.

It's especially sad because of how excited most of us were when signed Shatty a few years ago since he's a great player and, frankly, we're all whores for a New York guy to come to be on the Rangers whenever it happens a lá Nick Fotiu, Matt Gilroy, Anthony Bitteto, and so on and so forth. Hell people even loved Ryan Callahan an extra amount and he was from fucking Rochester, New York. 

So for piece of mind purposes I'm simply gonna say Kevin Shattenkirk is a massive fan of Penn Station since he KIND OF took the photo in front of Penn Station & not the big sign outside the Garden that I'm staring at right this second from my desk. He's just a guy loves trains. Loves the commute of the big city. Loves it all. Shoutout to him for loving Penn Station & absolutely NOT sticking it to the Rangers.