The Season Finale Of Loki Almost Had A Fight Scene With Miss Minutes Taking On Both Sylvie And Loki According to Loki director Kate Herron, Miss Minutes actually had an entire fight scene at one point, taking on Loki and Sylvie after acting as the "devil on their shoulder," trying to tempt them to leave. “It was fun that you got a sense of there's something a bit more sinister going on here with her," Herron told "We always had a version where [Loki and Sylvie] kept meeting her at the Citadel. At one point, we had a fight scene with Miss Minutes in the Citadel; we had all kinds of stuff [for her].”

I know almost everybody, including many of us here at Barstool, have been taking their turns sucking the good people who made Loki's dicks/lady dicks for an awesome first season of Loki. So it should be no surprise that I actually love that they cut this scene from the show and kept the finale as a way for Jonathan Majors to steal our hearts before likely stabbing said hearts as various states of Kang/Nathaniel Richards/Whatever The Fuck He Is Going To Be In God Knows How Many Movies And TV Shows. 

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I was more than fine with Miss Minutes being a shady bitch that tried to charm us with those long legs, big smile, and Southern accent before popping up with a jump scare straight out of Jordan Peele's sick mind. In fact, I had her pinned to the Sus List every step of the way. But watching her actually throw her minute and hour hands with two Lokis would've been weird at best and DCEU bad at worst.

I saw some people say they thought there was not enough action and too much dialogue in the finale. But as someone who saw the exact opposite of that occur at the end of SPOILER Black Widow, I couldn't have been happier with the exact finale we got. Getting a glimpse of Mobius on a jet ski would've been sweet, but that's something for us to root for at the end of next season or the entire series of Loki. 

Outside of that, everything was perfect and even the scenes they decided to cut ended up shredded on the editing floor room for good reason, including some demented scrawny clock being the Final Boss of Loki Season 1. Not every single story line needs to be neatly wrapped up and not every villain needs to be killed in a fight. We've been in limbo for the next phase of the MCU for a while thanks to bitch boy covid. But after seeing what they both did and didn't do in the Loki season finale that will springboard us into the next phase of chaos, I couldn't be more confident that everything will be just fine. Plus it's #TrustTheFeige for forever and a day.

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