Messi Does It Again! Passes Ronaldo For The Most-Liked Instagram Post Ever From An Athlete

IN YOUR FUCKING FACE, RONALDO! THERE'S NO STOPPING MESSI RIGHT NOW. The man finally wins a cup with Argentina and then he steals every single like from you. It wasn't even a fair fight, apparently this was the formerly most liked Instagram post ever from an athlete. 

Feels kinda cheating using Maradona. But this is just another notch in Messi's belt in the Messi vs Ronaldo rivalry. Still not as ridiculous as this egg having the most likes ever. 

55 million likes for an egg? AN EGG?!? There's not even a hot chick holding said egg, it's just an egg. We're talking about the same Instagram right? The one where if you're moderately attractive, you rack up likes and get to go on sweet trips and help me get pageviews? You're telling me some of the legends in the game couldn't sniff these sort of likes? 

Hannah Palmer recently - 112k

Diletta Leotta recently - 572k likes


Megan Fox - 2.1 million

Sofia Vergara - 376k

You get my point. We're talking about 20 MILLION likes for Messi just sitting there smiling with the Copa America trophy. This isn't even the World Cup. Think about the clout he'd get if Argentina wins a World Cup (it won't happen). Hell there was a picture of Messi and his teammates celebrating together that didn't sniff 20 million. It's the same damn trophy and the same damn locker room! 

All I know is we're giving another win to Messi over Ronaldo. Let the best player debate rage on.