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I Was Only 12 Runs Away From Being Called Up To The Minors

Duggs is on the road again! This trip, I'm traveling up the east coast to meet up with Frank in Jersey and then us Units are headed to Chicago. The first stop of the trip was tonight in Charleston, South Carolina, home of the RiverDogs. The RiverDogs are the Low-A affiliate of Tampa Bay. Bill Murray, yes, that Bill Murray, is one of the team owners. Legend has it that the name RiverDogs comes from the rats that sailors would see at the port here in the 1800's. These rats were so large, the sailors called them RiverDogs. No one knows for sure if that's true, but it's a cool story. The name was chosen through a contest held at Piggly Wiggly in the early 90's. (Yes, Piggly Wiggly is an actual grocery store chain)

It was an easy drive, only four hours north of Jacksonville, FL. This is my first time visiting Charleston, or The Holy City as it's known. I've been told Charleston is "Savanna's Bigger Sister" referring to Savanna, GA. I arrived just before the game started, so I'll be touring the city tomorrow to see how true that is. Tonight was all about baseball.

Tonight's game featured The RiverDogs hosting The Augusta GreenJackets (Get it?!) The GreenJackets are the Low-A affiliate of The Braves. The RiverDogs have been having a great season so far. They entered the game with a 45-18 record including Saturday's game in which they beat the GreenJackets 22-0. It was that loss that gave me a potential shot at becoming a professional minor league baseball player. All I needed was for the GreenJackets to trail 22-0 again tonight and I would finally get my big break.

By the end of the third inning, it was starting to look like it may actually happen as the RiverDogs lead 10-0. I only needed12 more runs and I was going to be on that mound. I was hopeful. 

My hopes died quickly as The GreenJackets scored in the 4th inning. That as well as a vicious rumor that apparently has been spreading throughout the league that Duggs is a "Spider Tack guy". 

It's not true. I don't use Spider Tack. The only Spider that Duggs appreciates is HQ Spider. And that's all I have to say about that. I had a great time at the game. It's a beautiful ballpark with palmettos growing right outside the park and lining the outfield. They have bleacher seating, which is something all Units appreciate. The RiverDogs would go on to win the game 14-2. There were home runs, foul balls, free shirts, singing, dancing, and even a hot sauce chug. For just $10, that's a pretty good deal and a great start to this road trip.