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We Have A New Challenger For Best Bat Launch Of The Season And It Won't Be Easy To Top

Bat tosses are out, bat launches are in. Oswaldo Cabrera from the Somerset Patriots, the AA team for the Yankees unloaded on one yesterday and was pretty excited about extending their lead. So excited that he bypassed the bat toss and full on launched this thing back towards his dugout. He didn't even wait to see how it was going either, felt the contact and immediately knew he was throwing this thing like a fish at that market in Seattle. He made it a point to get that bat launched too, he wanted to send a message. Wasn't just a little nonchalant bat toss to the side. You could see the catcher was not a fan and had some words for Cabrera when he got home. Oswaldo didn't seem to care, don't want him to launch the lumber? Don't let him hit it there. Maybe the best bat launch/toss we've seen in all of the MILB and MLB this season. It won't be easy to top this lumber launch, pretty impressive by the young Yankee.