I Still Cannot Believe Jrue Holiday Had The Balls To Throw That Alley Oop With The Game On The Line

I've probably watched that mash up a billion times this morning and I have no plans of stopping. Clips like that are why the internet rules. To be honest with you, even after sleeping on it I still cannot believe Jrue Holiday had the balls to throw that pass, in that situation, with what was on the line is utter insanity. Everything you learn from a young age tells you to pull the ball out and use clock to make the Suns foul. The last thing you want to do is do anything that could end up in a turnover or even a missed shot to give the Suns another shot with plenty of time where a two would beat you. You fuck that play up and it goes on to potentially lose you an NBA Finals? WOOF.

I guess things do change when you have Giannis on the other end though. He said postgame that Jrue didn't even want to throw the ball at first, but he kept calling for it and I guess when one of the best players to ever set foot on a basketball court calls for it, you listen. 

If you have the time, watch the whole postgame interview. Giannis is truly one of a kind.

Back to Holiday for a second though. This was the version Bucks fans have been praying for. This was the one they gave up their future for. His fingerprints were all over this win, not just with that play

You could make the case that Holiday's turnaround in this series has completely changed the dynamic of the Finals. We'd seen what his defense has done to make Chris Paul's life a living hell, well here's the offensive part showing up in the biggest game of the series. The Bucks Big 3 were very much a Big 3 and it came at the perfect time. Now they are a win away from their first title in 50 years and get a chance to do it at home. That's pretty cool.

It's also pretty cool how much of their title run is basically coming down to an alley oop. If Giannis doesn't block the Ayton one, the Suns are up 3-1 and likely seal the deal. If Holiday fucks that pass up in that moment, things might not turn out so hot. There are obviously a ton of factors that have gone into this series, but you could boil them down to those two plays if you want. That's the beauty of the NBA Finals, the smallest plays can have the biggest impact.


Kinda messed up for Paul to shove Giannis like that once he was in the air right? That could have been pretty bad. For a guy that had a messed up knee like a week ago, thankfully he was strong enough to handle that landing.