Horrifying Situation At Nationals Park As Players And Fans Flee Mid-Game After a Shooting Took Place Right Outside The Stadium

Mitchell Layton. Getty Images.

An absolutely terrifying, horrifying, surreal situation took place tonight as gunshots rang out from outside Nationals Park sending players and fans running chaotically running for safety during the game. Everything started just as the top of the 6th inning came to a conclusion and Nats players were walking off the field. You can actually hear the gun shots on the telecast towards the end of this video. 

My god. I cannot imagine being at that game in that moment and trying to figure out what to do. The gunshots were so loud you couldn't be certain where they were coming from, whether it was inside or outside the park. Honestly some probably thought they were fireworks and I wouldn't blame them in the moment in the slightest. This video of everyone running for safety, never seen anything like it at a game. 

In the heat of the moment Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado ran into the stands to grab family members and fans, bringing them into the dugout/clubhouse. 


Incredible move by those guys to do what they could to help anyone possible. I hope what they did doesn't go unnoticed because given the situation that was heroic. 

I thought this footage of Patrick Corbin in the middle of the concourse was crazy. I assume he's on the phone with family members as he looks for them amidst all the chaos.  Crazy stuff. 

The details are still very raw and coming in by the minute. It seems at least three people were shot in some kind of drive by shooting. Here's a report from ESPN. 

The shooting, an exchange of gunfire between people in two cars, left three people injured, according to Ashan Benedict, the Metropolitan Police Department's executive assistant police chief. One of the people who was shot was a woman who was attending the game and who was struck while she was outside the stadium, he said. Her injuries weren't considered life-threatening. 

Two people who were in one of the cars later walked into a local hospital with gunshot wounds and were being questioned by investigators, Benedict said, and the extent of their injuries wasn't immediately clear. Investigators were still trying to locate the second vehicle involved in the shooting - (ESPN)

I truly cannot believe what I've watched from the videos on Twitter. If you were at the game or in the area I hope you were able to get home safely. Pray everyone who was shot pulls through and comes out okay. No word yet on any suspects as far as I've seen, but forgive me if I missed something. What a crazy, terrifying world we live in where this is normal. I've never seen anything like I did tonight and I hope to god to never see it again. Be safe DC.