Game day, baby. Game day. 

Today is truly the culmination of my life. 24 years I've been waiting for something as amazing as this and it's finally here. I fucking LOVE hawaiian shirts. I eat, sleep, breathe Hawaiian shirts. And today I can finally say I have a whole fashion line of my own. Balls Beachwear has ARRIVED. We have so many fucking awesome designs. The vibes are flying high right now. And MOST IMPORTANTLY the material of these bad boys are insane. You guys know me...I'm a fat guy. BUT there's no denying this shirt is slimming.

I mean look at that! The material might as well be a cloud. 

So if you're into the hawaiian shirt game please purchase a shirt (AND BATHING SUIT). You won't regret it. It's my personal guarantee that these are the greatest Hawaiian shirts on the planet both for the skinnys & the fats. Have a great weekend everyone & look good doing it with some Balls Beachwear!