There Needs To Be A Full Investigation Into These Allegations Of The Nets Cheating Ways Including Paying For Houses Of Player's Girlfriends

[PBT]- “Can’t Knock the Hustle” author Matt Sullivan on “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz,” produced by Mike Ryan:

A very high-ranking official with the Nets who had a lot to do with the money said basically, there’s a blank check as soon as these guys got here – whether that’s buying a girlfriend or a girlfriend on the side a house in California for a week, whether that’s just putting up money for the boys and the homeboys and equipment for random s***, they’re totally cool with that.

Just renting a house on the team dime. These guys don’t pay for a lot of personal stuff themselves. And so, the financial team of the Nets would kind of come every week or so, they’d be like, “OK, we thought we had this under control. We’ve got to redo the budgets every week.” And they were like it was just a new thing every damn time.

What the hell is this? Someone get Adam Silver on the phone ASAP and have him investigate the Nets right away. We can't have cheaters in the NBA. Simply can't. No this has nothing to do with me still upset Kevin Durant turned down the Knicks for the Nets ... the fucking Nets! This has to do with me wanting fair and balanced games. This has to do with the fact society and leagues have rules. You can't just be paying all this money willy nilly without any consequences. They even say so in the CBA! 

Salary-cap circumvention is a serious charge. The Collective Bargaining Agreement restricts player compensation to only terms specified in uniform contracts. Consequences for violations could be extreme – large fines or even voided contracts.

But this sounds both systematic and under the table – a combination that could prompt league action.

See, even the guy who runs ProBasketballTalk says so! Systematic and under the table to be exact, that sounds good enough for them to kick Kevin Durant off the team and send him to the nearest rival. Fair is fair. Because re-read the allegations it's not even just girlfriends it's also (side) girlfriends! How many houses are they renting? Gotta admit the real winners here though isn't the Nets or Durant or Kyrie or Harden, it's their friends. Sounds like they are getting  hooked up. If Entourage taught us anything it's that being Turtle is a pretty good gig if you can get it. Get all the perks of being famous without being famous. 

I have to admit I do love the image of some accounting nerd getting all huffy that the budgets are getting thrown out every week. Sitting in their office getting all pissed that more people need a house in California and then a house in New York. No doubt in my mind they drive that person crazy. 

Again, this anger has nothing to do with me being a Knicks fan. I just demand rules be followed. (Please start cheating, Dolan).