It's Time For The White Sox To Go Out And Win The Division By 15+ Games

First off, shout out to B-Son and Sox on 35th for the video - those guys do awesome work across the board with their White Sox social media game. Nobody does it better and that's just the way it is. 

I just got done watching High Heat on MLB Net for some reason. I say "for some reason" because I fucking HATE Chris Russo. Dude's as lazy as it gets; you can tell he just gets his notes handed to him a few minutes before the show then reads said notes/teleprompter for his entire time slot. His opinions on just about everything are ill informed and archaic. That said, I'm a masochist and love baseball, so I'll watch him almost every day because I can't stomach the thought of watching ESPN.

Russo just had a soliloquy about how the White Sox are going to cruise to the division title, but he doesn't really buy them as a threat in the AL. He spewed all the same bullshit that anyone on earth can spew without looking at the team with a microscope; not once did he mention that they haven't been CLOSE to fully healthy all year and that they're going to be buyers in the next 2 weeks. Not. Once. 

It's maddening; he glances at a box score or the division standings and just jumps to lazy, unprofessional conclusions. He then turned around and said the Yankees are going to emerge as a Wild Card team in the AL without saying a word about their current COVID issues (which I think are COMPLETE bullshit by the way. The Yankees are getting completely fucked) but guess what? It is what it is.

Second half starts tonight against Houston. Time to beat the ever living shit out of these scumbags, cruise to the division, get healthy, and go on a roll this October. Let's get this party started at 7pm tonight.

Go White Sox