Team USA Is Suddenly In Shambles Just A Week Away From The Olympics

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Yesterday we learned that Bradley Beal was going to have to miss the Olympics and that Jerami Grant was in Health & Safety protocols with his future being up in the air. Then we got guys like Ja Morant and Trae Young hopping on Twitter talking shit aboutnot being selected. Today? Things don't look all that better

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With the Finals still going on and Jerami Grant not active yet, Team USA has currently only has 6 players available. Now maybe you were wondering why the hell Kevin Love was even on this team in the first place so losing him is no big deal, but one quick look at the schedule tells you that Team USA does not have a ton of time to figure this shit out and get guys up to speed. 

Here's another thing to consider. The NBA Finals sure look like a series that could be going 7 games. Game 7 would be July 22nd if it were to happen. The Olympics start July 23rd. Are we sure Booker/Holiday/Middleton are going to go from a Game 7 to immediately hopping on a plane to Tokyo? That seems a little aggressive, especially for whoever wins the title. If it's the Bucks, you're looking at two more guys potentially withdrawing. If it's the Suns, Devin Booker is going to miss celebrating the first ever title as a potential Finals MVP? I don't know about that. 

Remember, these Olympics were why we had to rush through the regular season in the first place and now things look pretty brutal. There's still a crop of talented players they could add, but didn't the exhibition games show us that continuity matters? Gone are the days where you could just rely on talent alone in international competition. You need to play as a team now that countries around the world are getting better and better. You throw out a bunch of guys who have had no time to play/practice together, shit could get ugly real quick.

UPDATE: The replacements are in


The Dream Team this is not, that's for sure.