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Damian Lillard 'Has His Eyes' On Joining The Knicks - So Here's A Letter To All Of Us Dumb, Broken Brain Knicks Fans

Hey dummy (dummies), 

Yeah, you, the dummy that's going to overreact here. You know who you are. It's all of us and that's why I say this lovingly. We're the ones who are already looking at Damian Lillard photoshops. We're the ones who are already talking ourselves into trading something like Immanuel Quickley, RJ Barrett and a couple first rounders for Dame. We're the ones who are already talking about how we're not actually going to trade RJ because that's how we get Zion and we'll have RJ, Zion and Dame at some point. Have you, correction - have WE, not learned anything from the last few years/decades?

Yes, I understand times are different. We have Leon Rose and World Wide Wes aka the Littlefinger of the NBA (h/t Clem). We're coming off a year where we actually looked ... decent. One of the rare times in 34 years I could actually say that. Julius Randle was an All-NBA player, there are exciting young players. But there's still one thing looming over the Knicks that even I can't shake. 

This fucking guy. The biggest and ugliest cock tease in the world. The Knicks SHOULD be good. Everyone should fear Dame coming to the Knicks. But this assclown is still running the show which has my broken brain staring at photoshops, crying and ready to get my heart ripped out again. You know why? Because even still, after all of this, I've talked myself into it. 

But this is what we're going to do. We're going to say fuck it. We're going to have hope. We're all going to be furiously hard looking at photoshops. Don't call the doctor after 4 hours, it's fine. We should be used to this. Haters out there will remind us of all of our failures.  They are going to toy with your emotions like LeBron deciding in Connecticut and thinking he was going to be a Knick. They are going to toy with your emotions like when you heard there was a toast involving Chris Paul at a wedding and he'd be a Knick. They are going to toy with your emotions like when Kevin Durant and Kyrie were going to play and save the franchise. 

We need to fight through all of this together. We need to band together as Knicks fans and talk ourselves into this, scream about James Dolan if it doesn't work and convince ourselves another star will be coming. So come on Dame. Come be a savior and really let's hope the Blazers give us a deal. Let us keep RJ, you don't really want him. I actually think the Knicks will try to keep RJ because what does Dame/Randle do without more help? Offer Obi, Mitch a bunch of picks and IQ if you have to. Low ball them and see what happens, please. 

Dame Time during a Garden Game? Fuck it, we're buying the hype. Welcome to New York, Dame.


A broken brain fan for life

PS: If Chris Haynes tweets out something then we're officially in freak out mode. Give us something, Chris.