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A Fight Broke Out Between Players And Fans At A Independent League Game As Frank The Tank Judged A Hot Dog Eating Contest

You never know what you'll see at an Independent League baseball game, especially when you mix it with Dollar Beer night. Frank The Tank was out at the New Jersey Jackals game to throw out a first pitch, which he pretty much nailed. Right on target, just a little bounce. 

But the big story is we basically had a Malice At The Palace part 2 with players going INTO the stands to go after fans. TJ Hitchings had boots on the ground and was with Frank while he judged a hot dog eating content when he saw a ruckus going on and sprinted over there. Next thing you know players and coaches are in the stands. Someone tweeted something about a beer being thrown? Which if you do the math adds up on dollar beer night, it's still a shitty thing to do. You had both teams in the stands and on top of the dugout too. Just a wild scene, but again you never know what you'll see at an Indy league game. If only we could have had Frank there to break it all up and stop the fight, be the ultimate peace keeper. TJ told me a bunch of people got the boot and a few arrested so something bad had to have happened for it to escalate. TJ also told me that "Tank is here so people are feeling loose." That is an excuse you have to love. Frank gets the people to show up, he puts asses in the seats. 

We did get a solid Frank The Tank hot dog review, so not only did we get the almost brawl in the stands, we got Frank giving his reviews. What a night of baseball.