The Fire Sale Has Begun: Chicago Cubs Trade Joc Pederson To The Braves For A Kid Named Bryce

First off I’m not really sure if fire sale is one or two words. You usually don’t use that word unless your sports team is falling apart and in this case I’m guilty as charged. It’s a firesale. It’s a fire sale. Everything is fucked starting now so let’s not pretend otherwise.

Next order of business. Kyle Schwarber is the greatest left handed power hitter in the national league. He was the other guy. The one who would have done much better and gotten a lot more than Bryce Ball. So of course this is a massive strike against Jed unless Bryce Ball turns out to fucking rake. 

With this, you can very easily and obviously assume that some more trade chips are about to fall and none of it will look or feel good for the Chicago Cubs. That’s because we’re pathetic and we suck. No easy way to put it. Joc Pederson over Kyle Schwarber and now we couldn’t have been more wrong. I’d ask the Cubs to get it together but I know they’re just about to rip it apart. Fuck this.

Bryce Ball is hitting .207 with 59 strikeouts in 169 at bats. He hits for power and is in A+. Excuse me for not really giving a shit. Let the chaos rain and never reign.