Nashville Dude Was Arrested For Stealing 29 Beers From Nissan Stadium, Gives The Valid Excuse Of Saying 'The Door Was Open'

[WKRN] - An arrest warrant alleges security at the stadium witnessed the man, later identified as William Thrift, on surveillance video, loading 29 beers from a cooler into a black bag and box.

When Metro police arrived, they said they located Thrift, who matched the suspect description, in the parking lot, walking away from the area.

Officers confronted Thrift and said he admitted to the theft and explained he did it because “the door was open.”

Of course we all agree stealing is bad, but if the door is open this is just an opportunity that Williams Thrift was taking advantage of. Maybe he thought it was a giveaway promotion and you could just leave an IOU for 29 beers. Maybe he's just getting ready for Titans games where he knows it's going to be grossly overpriced. The real problem here though was he got greedy. 29 beers? He could have taken a cool dozen and got out there in time. You don't need to be greedy when getting a couple cold beers. That or he could have just kept an eye out for Dana Beers, who has been known for saving Nashville with cold beers. Probably could have just tweeted at him or something. 

I love that William Thrift (A+ name for this here) came prepared though. He wasn't stuffing them in his shirt or anything like that. He saw the door open, went and grabbed a bag and box and started to pile up on what he assumed was free beer. I'm well aware that free beer is a top sort of drink. Not even necessarily someone buying you a drink, but if you find that one can/bottle left that you drank all of or something like that. But stealing 29 beers is just a bit too much for my liking here. You gotta carry them all back to your house and it's not nearly enough for a party. Just a lot of work, that's why I suggest sticking to a case. 

Real thing here though - how relieved is the person who left the door open that he got caught? Gotta be a bottom-1 feeling as a worker if you're told to lock up and you just don't do it. Next thing you know Nissan Stadium is out of beer like Bills fans are in town.