The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of "Black Widow"

So Robbie and I headed down to the proverbial basement to recap all of our thoughts about Black Widow. There were some things we liked, some things we hated, and some things we were completely confused about. Like why this movie was released now instead of anywhere near Civil War which is around when it was set, how were there 2 villains in the movie without a memorable big boss battle, and WHAT THE FUCK DID NATASHA DO IN ORDER ESCAPE AS A CARAVAN OF CARS DROVE DOWN TO CAPTURE HER OTHER THAN THROWING A BLACK SCREEN AT THEM THAT SAID 2 WEEKS LATER?

Sorry, I'm just still not sure what the point of all of this was other than to give a glimpse of Natasha's past and ScarJo some well deserved love after years of crushing the role. Even the family dynamic and the Budapest Budapesht stuff that had us excited in the trailers fell short of what I hoped we were going to get. It's almost fitting that Black Widow had its moment in the sun for a few days before everyone invested in the MCU immediately forgot about it after the Loki season finale.

There were some things that hit in Black Widow. The opening scene was maybe my favorite part of the whole movie, Yelena and Red Guardian both had some awesome lines, the double switch by Melina as you saw her discuss the plan with Natasha was my second favorite part of the movie, and of course the post credits scene with Elaine got me stoked for some more Marvel goodness.

Oh yeah and this cover of Teen Spirit fucking ruled in what was perhaps the most haunting scene in MCU history.

I just downloaded that song to my phone even though it scares the shit out of me. That's how good it is

In the end, I compared Black Widow to the extremely stale popcorn that I ate while watching it that honestly tasted like it had been popped before covid shut the world down. It wasn't great or even above average. But it was good enough to make me happy for a couple of hours, even if those hours could've been like an hour and 45 minutes very easily. So check out the video above or listen to My Mom's Basement in podcast form for a deep dive on what Robbie and I thought of Marvel's looooooong awaited return to the box office.