The New Burger At The Barstool Sportsbook In Greektown Looks Nothing Short Of Orgasmic

Mouth = watering.

Much like a lot of folks I like things to be perfect. I like perfect movies (Goodfellas), I like perfect music (Scenes from an Italian Restaurant), I like perfect reality television (Jersey Shore), and I of course like perfect hamburgers because after reviewing 'em for years you can appreciate a perfect burger. And a huge part of burgers are their curbside appeal. All delectable burgers have fucking amazing curbside appeal.

Great curbside appeal on a burger consists of pretty much exactly what this burger from Greektown has and that's a little double patty action, glorious shredded iceberg lettuce, a beautifully-cut thin sliced tomato, of course some onions, some pickles that I've grown to love over the years as my pallet has expanded from that of a loser who used to hate pickles, and finally the main ingredient in secret sauce. Quite literally nothing like a secret sauce when it comes to this sort of Big Mac/California-Style burger. It's a necessity much like how you need a baseball bat in order to hit a homerun out there on the diamond.

So get your ass over to the Greektown Casino in Detroit. The Barstool Sportsbook combined with that Billboard Burger is a combination unlike any other. SHEESH.