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The Cubs Didn't Hold Up Their End Of The Bargain For Red Line Radio

Excuse the social clip above. We didn't have one cut up of our baseball talk because Carl and I were out of the office for different reasons. He's on vacay with the wife and my allergies are destroying me to the point where I can't leave my apartment or I'll suffocate. Stfu 

HOWEVAH - Carl and I decided to start Red Line Radio in December of 2016 after the Cubs had won the World Series. It was also shortly after the White Sox traded Chris Sale to the Boston for Yoan Moncada and Michael Kopech then turned around the next day and flipped Adam Eaton to Washington for Lucas Giolito, Dane Dunning and Reynaldo Lopez. It was CRYSTAL CLEAR what both teams were looking to do; the Cubs were looking to build a dynasty. The White Sox were looking to go scorched earth and start from complete scratch. That said, we figured that come the year 2020 or so, both teams would be competing for championships simultaneously which has never, ever happened in the 200+ combined years the organizations have been in existence. 

As it currently sits, the White Sox are one year removed from their first playoff appearance in like 1000 years, even though it was the weird pandemic year and will cruise to a division title this season. The Cubs? They're looking to unload EVERYTHING. Probably. Kris Bryant, Javy Baez, Willy Contreras, Craig Kimbrel, even the dude with the theoretical C on his chest, Anthony Rizzo. Nobody is untouchable. 

What the fuck, Cubs? Didn't you get the memo that Chicago was planning on having a Red Line World Series? Seriously, what the fuck??? It's despicable. You had a core that, idk...29 other teams?... would kill for. And you fucking blew it. You didn't hold up your end of the bargain. The White Sox did, you didn't. Red Line Radio would have been BIBLICAL if the Sox and Cubs played each other in a World Series. Biblical. 

That's fine though. We'll gladly take Kris Bryant and the remaining ~$9MM on his contract though. I could get used to this sight, even if it's for a half season...

...and even if it's for trolling purposes. On this week's episode, Carl and I broke down potential suitors for another trade between the Sox and Cubs for Bryant and this is how I see it going. Carl offered Bryant for Crochet. I passed, and this is why:

- The Cubs, should they let Bryant walk, would get a comp pick somewhere around pick #35 in the 2022 MLB Draft
- Garrett Crochet was the 11th overall pick last year, is already contributing to the White Sox pen and should theoretically be the White Sox version of Andrew Miller this October and beyond should they not put him in the rotation
- The White Sox will value that more, ON TOP of 5 more years of control through 2026, because it is, in fact, more valuable than the Cubs having the 35th overall pick

This is how other teams will look at 2 months of Bryant as well. The Cubs will weigh the value of the ~35th overall pick against the value of the player(s) that are offered to them. I would say the Cubs will most likely get a couple of higher end A ball dudes, though those dudes might possess pretty decent ceilings. Just won't be some readymade, MLB ready talent. 

You also have to look at past trade history for similar-ish players. This guy on twitter said it well:

So I hate to break it to Cubs fans, but Bryant more than likely won't net some insane package. That's just how trade value works. But it's whatever - I don't expect this trade to go down, but weirder things have happened. And yes, the Cubs and White Sox would make a trade again, so long as the White Sox were to hypothetically offer the best package. The Cubs would be doing their organization a disservice if they didn't trade with the White Sox if the White Sox gave the best offer. It's not a Cubs/Cardinals situation. Sure, there's the city rivalry but that's more for fans, not the organizations.

Nevertheless, the White Sox are sitting pretty. The Cubs are not. We wound it back to the roots of Red Line Radio and had 40 mins of baseball talk, Mano y Mano with Carl and I. The true OG RLR listeners will love every minute of it. 


PS - the best odds on the White Sox to win it all can be found on the Barstool Sportsbook: