Joey Gallo Fucked Me: My First 48 Hours at HQ.

Monday morning I woke up in the big city ready to spend my first day at Barstool Headquarters. Not only was this a new job but also my first time ever in New York. Can y’all say overwhelming? First I met Mintzy for breakfast at Best Bagel (plain scooped toasted with strawberry cream cheese). It was delicious and definitely deserving of the hype.



We start our walk to the building and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. I knew just how wild the pirate ship could be and was expecting anything and everything. We head to open the doors and I was instantly greeted with a warm Bronx welcome from my girl Ebony at the front desk that made me feel right at home. Ben then took me around HQ introducing me to everyone and showing me all the different spots around the office. My day continues with me hopping on different shows, meetings, and of course telling everyone in the world about my Joey Gallo Home Run Derby Boost. 



I ran to grab some quick dinner with the highlight being an amazing sour IPA. I then head back to the office to get ready to watch Joey Gallo hit absolute moon shots. Dave got there before I did which I quickly learned was not something that I would ever allow to happen again. Confidently, I go take my seat in the Cave. I had my O line to the front and Dave and Big Cat by my side, I knew in that moment Joey Gallo would absolutely mash * cue curb music*

Joey Gallo did not mash.



Gallo’s pitcher had zero urgency and looked like he was trying to win a Cy Young with the way he was painting the corners. While I would like to put all of my hate on the pitcher, any decent ball Joey got he just couldn’t get ahold of. Not to mention he looked absolutely gassed only about a minute into his round. This is when it hit me, I made a very bad pick. The sucks and boos started to roll in around me. Each comment like an arrow in the back. I was taking them from every direction. From Dave to Big Cat to everyone online, it was a slaughter. However the arrow that got me in the heart and hurt the most was Tank giggling like a giddy school girl at my misery




So there I was not even 20 mins into my first experience in the cave and I had already taken a big fat L. I have to woman up and admit defeat. I was wrong about Gallo being born to hit home runs, maybe he was just born to break hearts. It definitely didn’t feel good to lose but I had to see the silver lining. I had just gotten the FULL barstool experience not even 24 hours in New York. So while I’ll take the gambling L, I’ll also take the W for getting to work at this insane fucking company that I am already in love with. 

Thanks for everything NYC!