This May Be An Unpopular Opinion But After Sleeping On It, I'm Just Going To Go Ahead And Say It... NBA Refs Stink

This is such a dumb blog to write. I don't want to write this blog, but when I see refs are trending still a day later and people still talking about one of the worst calls or no-calls in NBA history, I can't help it. It's very much me doing this in real life. 

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And I know everyone agrees that NBA refs stink, but it's getting even more out of control right now. Why? Because we're watching Team USA and FIBA refs and screaming for the NBA to learn from this. 


Old Cranjis here is right. I don't know when the switch happened, I don't know exactly what triggered it, but the NBA needs to fix the reffing. I'm not even talking about a Tim Donaghy type fixing, just fix how you call the game. Not everything is a foul. Stop rewarding guys for throwing their heads and necks around. By no means is this only an NBA thing. Watch and wide receiver when there's an incomplete pass. Flopping/trying to draw a foul happens across sports, it's just that somehow the NBA is on the most extreme side of officiating it.  Stop being so inconsistent like the 4th quarter was last night. Jeff Van Gundy was losing his mind like the rest of us screaming about how much everything changed. Why? Protect stars? Keep the game close? The game didn't need any of that last night. Booker fucked himself when he took a stupid 3rd foul early in the 3rd quarter instead of letting the Bucks have a fast break. Guess what? He doesn't do that, he plays the entire fourth quarter and the Suns don't lose that game. Instead he picks up his 5th early in the 4th and sits out for 5 minutes or so. 


I don't care how much players bitch going forward, what's the old saying? Be the change you want the world to see. Well, I want to see basketball games officiated correctly. Just give me some sort of consistency. Give me an awesome game like game 4 and everyone on Twitter freaking out that somehow Devin Booker didn't get called for a foul when he TRIED to foul a guy. 

Now back to watching Giannis make an insane play.