Without Having Played A Single Snap, Sammis Reyes Is Already in the Hall Of Fame


Good god Sammis Reyes is a massive human being. Lordy. If you don't recall who he is, he is a Chilean born super-freak athlete who briefly played hoops at Tulane, and is now turning his focus to football. He's also the most jacked/ripped human being in the world, and statistically the most athletic TE to ever enter the NFL.



He measured at the combine at 6'5, 260 (and a 4.65 40) and I wouldn't be shocked if he's 280 now. Here he is next to David Bada who clocks in at 293



If Sammis can play football, shit, if he can SORTA play football, we're in for a real treat. I want to see him in real NFL action so badly. What if he's a natural and can transition to the TE position the same way Antonio Gates and Jimmy Graham did? Lord have mercy. We haven't seen him line up yet, but man, I'm starting the prayer circle for him to pan out. I am so hyped to see him play. And yes, after one catch in a preseason game I will induct him into the hall of fame.