Jamie-Lynn Sigler Just Said I, Glenny Balls, Am The Biggest Sopranos Fan She Knows & It's Literally All Downhill From Here

Ok. Ok. Ok.

Where the HELL do I start this off? I guess for starters I'd like to clarify that I do, in fact, NOT KNOW Jamie-Lynn Sigler. I obviously have very much enjoyed her work in literally my 2 favorite television shows of all-time in Entourage & the Sopranos yet outside of that I can't say we're pals. So to randomly see this mention as I was driving to go get a really shitty 3-1 fade last night before a weekend down the shore (yeah I could say down the shore since I'm now a shore guy) was QUITE the thrill.

Like that might as well be David Wright saying you're the biggest Mets fan or Ronald McDonald saying you're the best at eating a Big Mac. Really just Twitter/Instagram bio-worthy stuff if we're being honest. It's literally all downhill from here. This is Twitter/Instagram Bio-worthy stuff here. I mean you know when an actor cries winning an Oscar after years & years of auditions, being fired by agents, and training? That's how I feel right now after all my Sopranos rewatches. It was all worth it! I'm on Cloud 9!