The "LET IT HIT YOU" Kid May Be My Favorite Baseball Player Ever

Move over Big Al who likes to hit dingers, move over Danny Almonte, we've found the new face of Little League baseball and I think he's my favorite player ever. "LET IT HIT YOU" kid is a legend. This is the energy and intensity you need on those dog days of summer and you're trying to grind out a win against the dark blue team. He's there on second, takin a HUGE secondary lead because you can't leave the bag until the ball is caught and he has some words of encouragement for his teammate at the plate. He was FURIOUS when he saw him jump out of the way of that 52 MPH fastball. You need base runners anyway you can get them, so when the pitcher throws one inside like that you have to eat it. Take one for the team and put more ducks on the pond. 

Listen to that bellow come from second base, he REALLY wanted his guy to get on base with that bit by pitch. He wasn't laughing or giggling either, he was serious. Parents may have thought it was funny but he isn't playing for a 2nd place trophy, he wants the big one. My guess is he wouldn't have flinched if he was up there. Taken the fastball to the back, cried just a little, and trotted down to first. Those are the plays that help you win a game, those are the at-bats you talk about when you're eating your dunkaroos and drinking Capri suns after the game. The guy on second wants to win more than anything in the world, you can hear it and see it. Like Mike Singletary he wants winners too, how can you blame him? Give me a guy with that attitude and I'll show you a guy you can win with. I see big things coming for this kid in the future, keep an eye on him. I bet next pitch inside that batter will plant his feet and take that pitch, or else he'll hear it in the dugout.