You're Out Of Your Mind If You Bid Over $111,000 On This Signed Shohei Ohtani All Star Jersey

Got an extra 100K and some change hanging around? Hurry up and get your bid in for a signed Shohei Ohtani All Star jersey! It's the same jersey the future MVP wore when took the mound for the AL and also hit leadoff. You know, stuff no one has ever done in baseball. We're 90 bids deep and this thing is climbing. I checked on it yesterday and it was barely over $10,000, now it's wayyyyy up there. The jerseys themselves are gross, so you aren't buying it for the looks, but the Ohtani signature is pretty sick. You'd think for this price the jersey would be the one that he actually wore in the game. That's where you're wrong. This is just a signed jersey, not a game used jersey! So who is going to be the lucky guy who gets to spend probably over $150,000 for a Shohei Ohtani autograph on a jersey that isn't game used. That is a pretty penny. Some of the other stars in the game have signed jerseys up for sale as well, they're just a little cheaper. Fernando Tatis Jr. signed jersey is going for $2,530 right now, Vladdy Jr is sitting at $2,010. Those are bargains compared to Ohtani's. What a crazy price for an autograph. And I love Ohtani, huge Ohtani guy. But that price seems a bit outlandish for a signed jersey. Hope whoever took out those mortgages to bid on this enjoys it though. You also have to wonder what the price would be if they weren't the grossest looking jerseys ever.