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It Is Crazy MLB Won't Be Returning To Letting Players Wear Their Own Team's Jersey At The All Star Game

Well this sucks. I thought surely after everyone and their mothers shouted from the rooftops how we all universally despised this year's All-Star Game uniforms that we'd be back to the individual team jerseys by next year. But apparently Nike is already hard at work designing another monstrosity instead of going back to an already-made format that everyone enjoyed.

Seeing players on the same team wearing their different team jerseys was awesome. It was a unique thing that was cool and let you know you were watching the Midsummer Classic. Now we have guys in navy blue baseball pants and jerseys with four different logos jammed into the left chest and stars in mismatching-numbered rows on the back. I wouldn't like any different All-Star Game uniforms other than the old format, but last night's were especially atrocious.

And if it's about money, I'd be willing to bet the numbers of people who would buy jerseys just with All-Star patches — and the American and National League jerseys players already wore on the workout day — are at the very least similar to how many people bought these abominations.

This is one of those decisions that just really shouldn't be all that hard. You tried something that went away from tradition. Literally everyone hated it. Now admit you fucked up and go back to the way everyone liked before.

It's not that hard, guys. "We tried something new and it didn't work. Sorry." That's it. Please do not make the same mistake twice.