Olivia Rodrigo Is Looking Happy And Healthy While Touring The West Wing But Wore Enormous Heels Like A Damn Sociopath

The new Taylor Swift/Paramore is touring the West Wing prior to her meeting with the President about how she can help influence young folks to get a vaccine. It's remarkable what we ask of young folks. Whether it's to go to war, play in a celebrity softball game after recording with Dave Portnoy, or changing the course of vaccination counts in young people, the entirety of the US system kinda swings back and forth with the tides of our beloved influencers. 

I legit can't imagine being in her extremely tall shoes. Your voice is on the radio every day. You're getting sued for plagiarism. You're absolutely going THROUGH it with a tough breakup from your beloved sweetheart whomst you met while filming on the Disney channel and now you have old, creepy, and pube-inspired bearded men writing blogs about you just because you're standing by a couple of paper bags that are trash cans sitting by other trash cans. I assume that's for recycling but why not have blue containers? I think the White House recycling is good but shouldn't you also use a reusable container for your recyclable refuse? Well, in a perfect world, yes. But, we dont know the reason for the lack of blue trash cans and that's not something I really care to get into right now. In fact, it might be a matter of national security. I fear I've said too much. 

Anyway, imagine would these meetings must be like for Olivia. 

"Hey Olivia. Nice to see you at the White House. Listen, my daughter is a huge fan of yours. I'd love to get a picture with you to send to her she would be so jealous."

"Oh haha. Thank you so much. Of course!"

"Do you mind taking this," the mother says to Olivia's assistant. 

"Oh of course not. I do it all the time. I'm totally used to it."

Yeah, dude. We know. It's Olivia Rod. Everyone wants a selfie with her. But, what else was that person supposed to say? No? Yeah right. You'll look like a dick if you say that. 

"Everybody look at the camera (it's a phone smh) and say YAY."

Yay is the new cheese by the way. Say it. Draw it out a little bit and think about how much more natural your smile in a would-be picture looks now that you aren't saying cheese like this is 1880 and the photographer is under a black sheet with a popping light.

"Oh, this is great. I'm gonna text her it right now. She's absolutely gonna shit."

Olivia laughs but you can tell she's uncomfortable with the crass language used. This is the White House. Shouldn't you expect a little more decorum? I guess this is Biden's America smh.

Olivia is then ushered into the Oval Office. As she enters the most intimidating office on planet earth, the aide from the office she was just in blurts out, "Olivia! She loves the picture. She said OMG WTF, Mom!? Haha thank you again."

"No problem," says Olivia just prior to her beginning to speak about how she's gonna get people to get vaccinated via swipe-ups on her Instagram story. 

Incredible. Inspiring. But, something we've come to expect from our superstars of which Olivia is certainly one.  

Also, dont care what heels she wore. It made the title pop though right?