***AWESOME ODDS ALERT*** You Can Bet A World Series Futures Play On The White Sox At +950 On The Barstool Sportsbook RIGHT NOW

Ignore the typo in my tweet above. The 2nd half starts in a few days and the White Sox are going to start CRUISING. I'm sorry if you've heard this before, but the White Sox have the best record in the AL and were without their two best hitters for the better part of the first half. That, and Grandal was hurt. Engel was hurt and has been a FREAK in his return. Brian Goodwin, Billy Hamilton, Jake Lamb and Leury Garcia are all playing a LOT. 

That, and it's been a running joke that they're not the Chicago White Sox anymore, they're the Chicago Knights, as in the Charlotte Knights who are the Sox AAA affiliate because of how many guys that weren't supposed to be in the bigs this year have not only gotten playing time, but have played a shit ton. 

But the guys that were supposed to make this one of the most feared lineups in baseball are coming back soon. Eloy's already making rehab starts in Charlotte. Lu will be heading to Winston Salem in due time. Grandal should be starting to get ready to return to baseball activities soon. 

Oh, and there's a trade deadline coming up where the White Sox will undoubtedly be buyers in some form or another. Can I interest anyone in Trevor Story? Or Kris Bryant? 

The moral of the story is this; the White Sox are not a team that should be +950 to win it all when you look at the state of the team from 30,000 feet. They're a team that should be at the top of the AL for futures odds, but instead they're hovering around 3rd/4th, and I love that. It is EXCELLENT. 

Come playoff time we're going to be looking at a lineup that goes something like this:

1. Anderson 6
2. Moncada 5
3. Abreu 3
4. Grandal 2
5. Eloy DH
6. Robert 8
7. 2nd base trade upgrade
8. Vaughn 7
9. RF trade upgrade

Then you got Lynn, Rodon, Gio and Cease anchoring the rotation. Two of those pitchers were all stars and the other two have all star shit. Hendriks, Kopech and Crochet will anchor the pen and augmentations will be made to that as well. Oh and the best 4th OF in all of baseball, Adam Engel, manning the bench. This team is SO deep and SO talented. 

The TL/DR is this - +950 is excellent odds for the White Sox to win it all. You won't find them anywhere else right now or on the Barstool Sportsbook for that long. I recommend making a futures play with us right now on that number, so long as you're betting with us, with disposable income, and for entertainment purposes and entertainment purposes only. You can do that here: