All Hope Is Lost & Gone Forever: Kris Bryant Is 1,000,000% (One Million Percent) Getting Traded

I don't want to sit here and complain about Joe Buck because that would be too easy and I hold myself to higher standards. Sorta. I mean I understand you have to ask the question and I get that you don't have a prefixed amount of time but gimme a fucking break and let the guy breath. I just complained about Joe Buck. It's a bad way to go about the interview. That's my two cents. It felt cheap. 

But there's a much bigger story here and that's how well prepared Kris Bryant was over the ASG festivities to handle these inquiries. It's obvious he's been groomed by the team at Boras Corp to accept his fate that the trade deadline will move him somewhere else. You can see it on his face. You can hear it in his voice. There is 0% chance after listening to him and watching him that he remains a Chicago Cub. It was 1% heading into this week and now we're re-grading it to Rock Bottom. 

Talking about how playing all the positions helps you stay focused is exactly what I'd say if I was courting a national audience. Bringing your kid on stage for a warm hug. Looking fucking good and being sweet. He even had a sweet quote about swinging 3-0 with 2 outs the bases loaded:

That's the Kris Bryant I know and love and it blows the Ricketts family isn't going to pay him what he's worth to spend his career as a Cub. It is as emotionally upsetting as it is strategically distressing. Nobody in their right mind would just let this guy walk but the Cubs are doing it. And retroactively, they should've just done it in 2018 when the rumors started flying. All we've done since then is dig our heels into the worst player-relations fiasco this city has seen since Aaron Kromer dragged Jay Cutler. And even that was so low level shit. This is owner-to-bonafide-franchise-superstar and it's crazy to me this is about to happen. 

Less than 3 weeks remain of KB in a Cubs uniform. Surely others will follow. And definitely more upsetting stories along the way. But this one is by far the Dumbest of them all. He's by far the best and we're just going to sit here and take it like a bunch of chumps. After all this, we're about to be truly Back. Fuck me. 

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