Asshole TikToker Posts Crazy Video Of How Him And A Bunch Of Others Snuck Into Wembley Stadium For The Euro Final

Let me be very clear. Fuck this guy. Fuck all the people who bull rushed their way into Wembley and basically ruined the times for people who paid a ton of money. This is apparently a big TikToker/YouTuber, I'm not going to pretend to be up to date with my TikTok guys. (h/t Sky)

The online personality, J2hundred, posted the video showing his journey through London and eventually into the stadium as the match went into extra time.

Two other boys are seen pulling open what seems to be an emergency exit door and J2hundred says: "It was a sign from God, we were meant to be in that stadium, there was just a gap in the door".

That said how did Wembley not double check extra doors and shit? This place was wild from the get go. 

And because of all the craziness, there's a chance England won't host the 2030 World Cup. Actually, let's be honest, whoever pays the most will end up hosting the World Cup. 

Charges against the FA include a supporter being on the pitch during the game, objects being thrown by fans, disturbance caused by supporters during the national anthem, throwing of objects and the lighting of fireworks.

"It completely destroys the credibility of our [2030 World Cup] bid. People aren't going to come to the United Kingdom if they don't think they're going to be safe.

Yeah, I get taking advantage of opportunity like a fire escape door, but this kid just screams asshole. At least be creative with it and use a fake press pass or something to sneak in. Just leading a charge in the side door, filming it all and filming security trying to work had me cheering against him. Also just cheering against England had me against him. The guy I was actually cheering for was this dude who ran onto the field.

Learn how to wrap up one time on a tackle, security. Dude felt so bad he just gave up and walked away. I still need to know more about how Italy's manager's son ended up not having a seat. 

Great home field advantage, but feel like someone has to step in there. I'm not one for name dropping but if you're the kid you HAVE to use the 'do you know my dad' angle here.