FIGHT! Twitter Fight! The Chargers Team Account Is Officially In A Hilariously Bad Shit Talking Contest With Patrick Mahomes

Just in case you forgot, this all started with Patrick Mahomes on the golf course: 

And let me tell you something, this shit talking is .... it's not great! Mahomes butchering the line. The Chargers firing back with Herbert destroying the Chiefs 3rd string because everyone was resting. It's so bad that it's honestly perfect. I love it. I want any sort of shit talking in sports, we need more of it. We need to get back to the days where shit talking was encouraged and appreciated. None of this canned answer bullshit. Give me Mahomes doubting Herbert and the Chargers getting pissed. Make it a little physical during the games this year. I'm sick of everyone being so buddy buddy all the time. It's okay to hate someone for 60 minutes on the field and then dap it up after. 

I actually like when team twitter accounts get into shit. It's especially true when the Chargers have this history. 

Still a top tweet in the history of that stupid app. But the point stands. Give me team twitter accounts that will respond during a little shit talking. More importantly give me players that will do it on camera. I don't want to hear Mahomes respond by saying 'Justin Herbert is a good player, I was just having fun.' No. Double down. I hope Mahomes and that weird voice he has hops on camera and says 'Herbert isn't me.' Just go all in on it.