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Mario Chalmers Is On Twitter Begging The Lakers To Let Him Play Pick Up With The Team, Forgets LeBron Hated His Guts

This is just sad. I'm not even an anti-Mario Chalmers guy, but you were a starter in the NBA and now you're begging the Lakers to come play pick up. Uhh, did you forget something? That little thing with LeBron and how much he openly hated playing with you. Everything was Mario Chalmers fault in Miami. Shit, LeBron showed how bad he is as a GM when he basically forced the Heat to draft Shabazz Napier to save the point guard spot before leaving for Cleveland. You know what? The more I think about it, the more I say sign Mario Chalmers. At least make it interesting to see how fast LeBron turns on Chalmers again. I don't care about being hard on teammates, every single great player has been. But no one and I mean no one has ever been completely disrespected in a public forum worse than Mario Chalmers. 

You really want to deal with that again at the age of 35? I sure as shit wouldn't. Chalmers is still actually playing over in Greece but my man has made over $24 million in his career. Seems like enough just to not have to deal with LeBron or beg on Twitter to run some pick up. Also, like, you're Mario Chalmers. Go get some run at Kansas. Call some of your buddies and get some pick up run. I know the charm of playing for the Lakers and yada yada yada, but do you really want to play with this guy again? 

Calling himself a DILF, come on man. It's too easy to make fun of you for this sort of shit. I can't stress it enough. LeBron is one of the 2 greatest players of all time. He's the easiest player to hate because of how obnoxious he is off the court. I'll give him credit for living up to ridiculous hype since 16 no problem at all. I'll make fun of him for being the corniest human alive. 

PS: This is 100% a foul.