Liam Hendriks Is The WRONG Guy To Mic Up On A Live Broadcast

Just a bunch of "fuck thats" "goddamnits" and "motherfuckers" up and down Fox in the 9th inning tonight, all courtesy of our favourite Australian psychopathic closer, Liam Hendriks. Yes, I just subtly paid homage to him by spelling favorite with a U. Pretty sure that's how they do it in Australia and if they don't then who gives a shit. Regardless, Idk whose idea this was, but mic'ing up Hendriks was a BOLD move by the people at Fox. The only worse choice they could have made was mic'ing up Lance Lynn:

Gotta imagine the people at the FCC are shitting their pants knowing they're going to have to deal with a bunch of virtue signaling losers on Twitter and shit after that half inning. 

First half is complete. I know people hated the production at the Derby last night, but all in all I thought it was a good All Star week. Time for the Sox to get healthy, which is happening as we speak:

Gotta imagine Lu and Grandal will start rehab assignments in the coming weeks too. This is shaping up to be an awesome second half. The Sox should cruise to the division title and if they're fully healthy and clicking come October, this team can win it all. Really looking forward to following what the front office does to add before the trade deadline too. 

Pray for the fucking league!!!!