Britney Spears New Lawyer Is About To Drag His Dick All Over The Face Of The Conservatorship (Her Dad)


Source - The former federal prosecutor who Britney Spears asked to represent her in her battle to end her conservatorship has agreed to take on the case.

According to sources, the pop star has decided to hire powerhouse attorney Mathew Rosengart. He is known for handling high-profile cases and has worked with everyone from Ben Affleck, Michael Mann, Keanu Reeves, Jimmy Butler, Steven Spielberg, Sean Penn, and countless others.

Last week, Britney filed a declaration in court telling the court once again, she wants her father Jamie axed as co-conservator and a new lawyer put in place.

She wrote, “Pursuant to my statement in open court on June 23, 2021, my rights, and my desire to end the above-referenced conservatorship as to my father Jamie P. Spears, it is my desire to choose and retain my own counsel, at Greenberg, Traurig, LLP as set forth above."

Now, Rosengart has informed the court he is ready to take on the case. 

Game. Set. Match. That's a wrap for Jamie Spears. The only problem is she's technically not allowed to hire a lawyer since she's still under a conservatorship. Which was a genius move by her father at the time it was written up. "Oh you want to be set free? Hope you studied law!" The good news is her lawyer is set to argue in court today that Britney has a constitutional right to hire her own counsel. Once you start throwing around words like that, you know they're serious. There's also this...

From PageSix: “Britney has had multiple conversations with Mathew in recent days,” a source told us Tuesday. “She was concerned about what was going to happen after [Samuel D. Ingham III] resigned as her lawyer, but Mathew has assured her that she will be in good hands if the judge appoints him.

“He has been keeping close tabs on her case for a while now and felt that her testimony last month was very compelling. He’ll be in court tomorrow.”

Meaning her lawyer is not only motivated, he's invested. He know that if he gets this done, he'll be hailed as a hero by the millions and millions of Britney fans across the world. I don't think the younger generation understands how big her following is, but I promise you it's massive. This guy will be put up on a pedestal like no lawyer ever has before. I'll report back once there's more info but you can tell Britney's already getting excited. Yesterday she posted an Instagram with this following caption…

 Before her team made her change it to this…

Lame. Hang on, girl. We're getting close. Buy a hat, support the movement. #FREEBRITNEY.