Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Assaulted A Baseball And Sent It A Very Long Way

All of us are Fernando Tatis Jr. watching this Vladdy Jr home run. Hands on the head with Joe Buck yelling "OHHHHH GOODBYE!". That homer right there is why we wanted him in the derby, that raw power. Just the sound alone is enough to get us excited. He knew it right away too. Watched it for a little, but Fernando Tatis Jr., who was mic'd up, said he should have watched it a little longer, it's the All Star Game for crying out loud watch and carry the bat around the bases. Statcast said 468 which is complete and utter bullshit. At least 500 and you can't tell me otherwise, it landed up on the concourse way up there. Someone was standing in line for popcorn only to be belted in the back by what he thought was a meteor. What a majestic blast from Vladdy who became the youngest guy to homer in an All Star Game since Johnny Bench in 1969. Give me a few more moonshots now, lets make this thing a little more exciting.