Giannis Talking About How He Figured Out The "Giannis Wall" Is Bad News For The Rest Of The NBA

Jonathan Daniel. Getty Images.

The one thing I love about Giannis is he gives real answers. It's not just cookie cutter PR shit that often times athletes go to so they don't say something the internet/media can run with. You get the honest truth with Giannis and it's pretty damn refreshing.

That's why I loved hearing him talk about the one thing that was supposed to be his kryptonite defensively. What the Raptors did in 2019 to completely change that ECF was supposed to be the blueprint. Giannis is such a devastating transition player while being just as deadly when he gets downhill in the halfcourt, the one thing that seemed to work was building that defensive wall. He wasn't lying, it really was referred to as the Giannis Wall. If you're curious what that actually looks like, this video below is a great breakdown

Hearing him talk about how he's improved in terms of recognizing it, not taking shit personal and instead continuing to have trust in his teammates and not trying to do too much was awesome. Now it's just up to the rest of the Bucks to actually knock down their open looks, something they haven't really been doing this postseason. If they find a a way to do that, the Suns are in a world of trouble.

My question is this. If Giannis has figured out the wall defense, what exactly do you do to stop him? I'm not sure the Suns have any idea because nothing is working


The man is averaging 34/14/4.7 on 61% shooting so far in these Finals for crying out loud. But I mean even outside of these Finals, like moving forward in future seasons. There was a time where you could scheme against him in order to limit his production and impact. If he takes that away, what's the move? Sag off him and hope he takes jumpers/threes? Nope. He'll just get a running start and go downhill and dunk through whoever stands in his way since there will be no wall. Part of me thinks we're about to unlock a whole different Giannis moving forward. That can happen after a Finals run and possible championship. What worked in 2019 doesn't really work in 2021 and Giannis knows it. 

Shit is already hard enough when it comes to trying to prevent Giannis from destroying you on the court. You used to be able to surprise/psyche him out with that Giannis Wall defensive approach. It took him less than 2 years to basically not even be bothered by it anymore. If I'm a Bucks fan, hearing him talk like this would have me on cloud nine. They started to gain some momentum after the big Game 3 win, and now their best player is essentially saying there isn't a defense a team can try that will limit him. If the Bucks are fortunate enough to take Game 4 and tie this series up heading back to PHX, the Suns better figure something out because Giannis looks healthier and healthier as the games go by and if the Bucks supporting cast starts making their threes at even a respectable clip, watch out.