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Are Runners On Second In Extra Innings And 7-Inning Doubleheaders On Their Way Out? Rob Manfred Says Probably!

Did....did Rob Manfred just announce changes to the game of baseball that will help the sport? No way, it can't be! Baseball's commissioner spoke with reporters before the All Star Game and two of the biggest takeaways were that it sounds like two big thorns in baseballs side won't be apart of the game moving forward. The dreaded "runner on second in extras" rule as well as the 7-inning doubleheaders. It's like Rob Manfred woke up from a dream and was like "is this really a rule in baseball?" So good for him for likely getting rid of it. I don't think either rule has benefited the game in any way and I'm sure a majority of fans would love if they both went away next season. I mean no one likes 7-inning doubleheaders, no one. We're looking at 4th inning stretches, no-hitters in the games that thought count, everything about them sucks. And the runner on second rule, where to begin? I get you do it to speed up the game and keep them moving in extras, but the game doesn't need that. It's insane you can battle for 9 innings, go into extras and bunt a guy over just to hit a sac fly and win. That isn't what people want. If you want to make it a legit part of the game how about we have it implanted after the 12th. Give the teams a few more innings to score a run normally, after that throw a guy on second. Or just don't do it at all, let's go with that one. Now there is a CBA coming up so that may have something to do with it. I do love Manfred and baseball finally waking up and realizing these ideas were okay for a Covid year, but this can't happen in a legit 162 game season. Ditch the carnival rules and let the boys play 18 on a doubleheader and lear the bases in extras.