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Turns Out The Man Responsible For The JFK Assassination Admitted It Back In 1963

Well I'll be god damned. I've been obsessed with the Kennedys and the JFK assassination for a LONG time. It was the movie JFK by Oliver Stone that set me on this path initially. I remember the scene with Pesci rambling as David Ferry

CIA? The mafia? Soviets? Castro? Who the fuck knows? Well...apparently it was Francois Duvalier the entire time. The President of Haiti at the time in 1963 was the man behind it all? It all makes sense now. How the fuck can you explain a bullet from Oswald in the book depository zig zagging all over the place 

Defies the laws of physics. Unless you investigate what makes the Magic Bullet "magic". Somehow the Warren Commission didn't include that. It was literally magic and it was done by fucking President Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier of Haiti. 

It was rumoured that on the morning of the assassination, the Haitian president had stabbed his JFK “Voodoo doll” 2,222 times (22 being Duvalier’s lucky number). Although Voodoo dolls are connected to the Louisiana Voodoo centred around New Orleans and not Haitian Vodou, Duvalier did claim to have put a curse on the president in retaliation for US aid drying up in the wake of Papa Doc’s tyranny.

If his manner was carefully contrived to imitate the Vodou Lwa of the dead (in one speech he even barked, “I am an immaterial being.”), then Duvalier’s actions were tailor made to honour him.

Poor Haiti, man. Can you imagine living in a country where the leader of your country is insane? How about one that seems not all there mentally? That'd be terrible…

Papa Doc ruled Haiti for like 15 years saying insane shit and murdering his own people left and right and I don't think that is in like the top 10 worst things that have happened to Haiti. We get into their history today on Dogwalk going all the way back to the first ever successful slave revolt and Black Republic. They defeated Napolean and it's been basically the worst place on Earth ever since. A tragic story. Listen to the full ep here. It's insane.