Bryson DeChambeau Major Championship Pressers Continue To Be Appointment Television... This Time A Reporter Calls Him "Brooks"

You can really make a case that major week or not, the Bryson presser is the highlight of all the pressers. There's no denying, like him or not, that what the guy says and does is... interesting. But that goes double... no triple for when it's a major championship stage. There's just so many more media members, many of them who aren't regulars on the Tour and are there to cover the sport for a broader audience. That brings out questions regarding golf on a more macro level and often times, questions that are a little braver than they would be any other week.

Today we've got a media member right off the bat calling him Brooks. Honest mistake? I think not. It's a Ryder Cup year. European media are planting seeds left and right, trying to sow division amongst our American thoroughbreds. There's nothing more right now that can attract eyeballs and and earholes like the Bryson-Brooks beef in mainstream media and this guy was definitely shooting his shot there. It's most of the reason I'm writing this blog. I just won't pretend otherwise like I'm sure that clown is.

The Ryder Cup question itself was inevitable. It's going to be talked about nonstop for the next 2+ months and these guys are each doing their best to squash it now, albeit in different ways.

One is playing the buddy-buddy "hey, anything can happen" card and the other is taking the "too cool for school" approach. It's more or less the same characters they've been playing all along. I'm sure it'll be the same thing for the next 2 months and then they won't play together at Whistling Straits and that'll be that. I'm sure if the Americans lose, some will try to paint this beef as a contributing factor - they'll be wrong. TLDR this narrative isn't going anywhere.

PS: Don't ask Bryson about yelling "fore"...