DK Metcalf Striking Out In Slow Pitch Softball Is MASSIVE For My Brand Of Striking Out In Slow Pitch Softball

Holy shit! What a beautiful sight to wake up to on a Tuesday morning! Now I’m sure a lot of you works out there were making fun of our guy DK for striking out in slow pitch last night because everyone thinks it’s so fucking easy! Well guess what? I’m here to defend DK’s honor because I, too, frequently strike out in slow pitch softball.

6-12’ arc pitching looks easy on paper, but when you haven’t swung in awhile much like I didn’t last week it is fucking HARD to get back in the rhythm of things. So I’m gonna go out and venture to say that DK hasn’t swung in awhile due to his flourishing NFL career, either. Cut the man some slack. I’m sure if you gave him a few more hacks he’d be hitting balls farther than Alonso did last night. 

In all honesty though what a confidence boost it was for me to see, quite literally, one of the best athletes on planet Earth strike out in slow pitch softball a week after I did (6 times). Thank you, DK. Huge for the brand.